Tuesday 9 August 2016

Pickering Food Truck Festival

Food, Food, Food.
That seems to be the theme in Toronto this year, every weekend there is a different food related festival happening.

This past weekend, Aug 5-7 Pickering, ON was the place to be as the City of Pickering celebrated their 2nd Annual Pickering Food Truck Festival, a collaboration with the Canadian Food Truck Festivals. Food Trucks from all over Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area came to the city to showcase their delicious cuisine for everyone to taste. There was an array of different food choices from all over the world, ranging from Latin American to European to Hot and Spicy to Sweet and Savoury flavours.

Some of the Food Trucks that were at the festival are: Beavertails, Berlin 95, Chimney Stax Baking Co, Fidel Gastro's, I Love Churros, Untamed Chef and Curbalicious.

After walking around and checking out all the Food Trucks, I saw this humongous iron skillet under a tent and I knew I wanted whatever was under that tent. The huge skillet belonged to this bright yellow truck that is La Fiesta Catering, and in the skillet they were making Ecuadorian style Paella. The last time I had Paella was when I was in Barcelona, so I was so excited to eat it again, La Fiesta reminded me why I love Paella; the Spanish seasoned rice mixed with seafood was the perfect evening meal for a festival.

If you missed the Toronto and Pickering Food Truck Festival this year, the Canadain Food Truck Festivals is having one more festival before the summer is over in Richmond Hill, September 3 & 4 at Richmond Hill Greens.

What Food Festivals did you go to this year?

Thursday 14 July 2016

Afrofest Toronto 2016

Hey Guys!! yes, I know, it's been months since I've posted anything on this blog, which is sad. But I promise you that there will be more content coming out as the year goes on.

This past Sunday, on July 10, my friends and I decided to attend Afrofest in Toronto, which is the largest African Festival in North America. It has been years since I've gone to the festival, the last time I  remember going was when the venue us to be Queen's Park. 

There has been some controversy with the City of Toronto and the organizers of Afrofest this year. The city wanted to cut the 2-day festival to 1-day, which would be horrible, as the festival draws thousands of people from Toronto and abroad to the City of Toronto. Thankfully the people of Toronto came together and voiced their love of Afrofest and the city granted them their regular 2-day permit.

If You want to submerge yourself in African culture, Afrofest is the best place to be. You get to walk around to all of the different type of vendors from different countries in the wonderful continent. People were selling textiles, clothing, jewellery, beauty products and live paintings, along with some amazing food. If you want organic products, it is the perfect place to be.

It was nice to visit some of the vendors and talk to them about their products, I even purchased a hair product from London Ivy a Toronto based hair care line, that is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free. Artist like Toronto's own YouTuber Femi Lawson was there selling his Tantalization merchandise and meeting his supporters, Kofi Frempong was at Afrofest doing live paintings, that were for sale.

Now that I am reflecting about what has happened in the last couple of weeks in the world, I've realizing that I don't support a lot of local or black local artist, or businesses. Afrofest and other festivals alike are the best place to discover local businesses.

There are so many festivals happening in Toronto this year, which one's are you going too?

Monday 11 January 2016

Bye Bye 2015, Hello 2016

2015 has come to an end.
WOW, that was fast. I wold have to say 2015  has been the year of dreams and goals. 
At the beginning of 2015 I told myself that 2015 was going to be my year of travel, and that's exactly what it was.

 January and February of 2015, I embarked on my first solo flight to Germany, where I started my 2 month Study Abroad trip with my school. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to 5 different countries while I was there; London, Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland.
I will remember that trip for the rest of my life.

Once I got back to Toronto, I found out that my cousin was getting married and that it was going to be in Jamaica. I saved everything from my summer job and in October my cousin and myself jetted off to sunny, beautiful Jamaica for a week, it was beautiful.

Just when I thought my year of Travel was about to end, my family decided to take a trip to New York for American Thanksgiving. Even though it was a short 3 day trip, I was back in New York to celebrate Christmas with family and friends, and also to bring in the New Year in Manhattan.

2015 has surly been an eventful year for myself, it was about family, friends and having a good time, I wouldn't change anything about it.
For 2016 my affirmation is STABILITY, and I found the perfect motto for 2016 on Instagram EAT. PRAY. SLAY. I want to be stable in everything I do an grow this year.

Do you have any resolutions or goals for the New Year?

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Friday 7 August 2015

Toronto A.K.A Panamania: Tessanne Chin

The year of 2015 will go down in history for the City of Toronto.

Courtesy of Instagram @leighazon

Most North Americans and Caribbean's know that the 2015 Pan American Games are being held in the Canadian city Toronto, and if you didn’t know, now you know.

The city has been buzzing with tourist from all over the world who have come to watch the games, some knowing and some who just came to Toronto on vacation at the right time. because of all the tourists, the city of Toronto has gone out of it’s way to make the city appear exciting and energetic, with cool new statues, like the big ‘Toronto ‘ in front of city hall and free events held all over the city.

Courtesy of Instagram @astroroy
At least once a week a free concert is held in front of Toronto’s City Hall, with headlining artists from different countries within the Pan American region, as well as cultures acts from the Americas. I recently saw Tessanne Chin, an up and coming singer from the island of Jamaica, perform in the heart of the city.

If you don’t know who Tessanna Chin is, she is the Jamaican artist who got her big break after winning season 5 of the hit show The Voice, as a contestant on Adam Levine’s team. If there is one thing Jamaicans are famous for, it is supporting one another. To say that Toronto’s Jamaican/ West Indian community came out to support Tessanne would be an understatement. The support of Toronto was real; people from all nationalities and cultures came out to hear her beautiful voice see her perform live.

Courtesy of Instagram @janaydw
Tessanne performed a medley of songs from her album Count on My Love. During her performance she did a Bob Marley tribute, singing 'Redemption Song', along with a dedication to Whitney Houston, by singing 'I Will Always Love You'. You should also check out her new song ‘Fire' from her album.

Tessanne's performance, along with the exciting acts that are to come within the next two weeks, al aid in creating an amazing atmosphere within the city. Toronto has always been a hub of exhilarating festivals  and events, and the Panamania concerts are a well-welcomed addition to the city for the summer. 

To find out when someone Panamania events are happening, check out Toronto 2015’s website.

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